Quality - Lea North America


Throughout the whole productive process Lea Ceramiche places in the foreground the protection of the environment: water, dusts, sludge, smokes and scrap are recovered and reused through installed treatment plants, suction devices, filters.



Process control and technological advancements are the key to the Company’s success. Every new design success story drives the focus to expand, to achieve ever more novel and innovative style and design concepts. This concentration allows the Company to stay on the cutting-edge of productive methodologies and be competitive with market trends while providing an exceptional product with economical value.


In addition, Lea Ceramiche had dedicated to not only meet the standard emissions control regulations handed down by Law but continually exceed them. All Panariagroup productive factories adhere to rigorous process control criteria; from the arrival of raw materials to the packaging of finished goods, each phase of the process is reviewed by expert personnel.  This attention to detail and dedication to process control has resulted in all the Panariagroup production facilities achieving ISO 14001 certification.