An intense natural emotion.

SEGNI su Pigmenti.

Imperfect lines and brushstroke droplets outline the materiality and colour of Pigmenti

Side Stone.

New sides to an iconic mineral texture.

The aesthetics of Ceppo di Gré open up to new application opportunities.


A new ceramic material born in colour.


Ultra-thin and ultra-sustainable slabs, 100% compensated for CO2

Slimtech Easy.

The first dry laying installation system without the use of adhesives certified with Slimtech Plus, superior quality ultra-thin ceramic slabs.


Antibacterial floors and wall coverings

We are increasingly conscious about health and safety in all the choices we make in our daily lives. We want to be sure that we’re protecting what we love – but if we really want to do this, we need to start at home.

Saint-Denis – Pleyel | Grand Paris Express
The jewel in the crown of a district in full transformation, the Saint-Denis-Pleyel station, one of the largest in the new Grand Paris Express transport network, will be a central hub for connections to the north of and, above all, the main gateway to the Olympic Village.
Carbon neutral ceramic slabs. Sustainable from the start.

The ultra-thin Slimtech slabs with a revolutionary technology to deliver much more with much less.

Highlighted projects
During Milan Design Week 2023, Lea Ceramiche presented Tools and Space by Ferruccio Laviani, an installation showcasing the creative, design, and material potential offered by the world's thinnest ceramic.

“Working with Lea Ceramiche is giving me the opportunity to get to know that extraordinary material that is ceramics, and at the same time, investigate my creative possibilities in using it as a designer."