UK stone effect swimming pools

United Kingdom

Ceramic material, with its strength and its expressiveness, becomes a vehicle through which the architecture of specific outdoor or indoor areas, such as swimming pools, manifests itself in all its effectiveness.

By defining the scope and characterising its use, the choice of flooring and its style becomes fundamental, because it gives value to that space exactly as a frame does with a precious painting. This is the case of ceramics which, inspired by natural materials such as stone, wood, marble or concrete, recreates extraordinarily realistic surfaces, both from an aesthetic and tactile point of view. Technological innovation, increasingly refined and avant-garde, with absolute realism recreates knots, veins, imperfections and textures marked by time and interprets the space according to different canons. An infinity of proposals, different in style and type, size, thickness and colour, combine to create surfaces of authentic beauty that make these spaces intended for well-being and relaxation unique, often in osmosis with nature or with the surrounding scenery.

Since this is a particularly articulated area, it is necessary to take into account some important functional as well as aesthetic criteria. It is essential, in fact, that the covering material used is waterproof, anti-slip, resistant to atmospheric agents and chemicals and with a low propensity to mould and stains. Technical characteristics and high performance that make ceramics among the most high-performance materials in this context and that guarantee unparalleled functionality and flexibility.