3-Tech Project

A Unique Aesthetic, More Thicknesses, Infinite Possibilities

Whether it's about fully coordinated spaces or a desire to maintain the same style with different applications for furniture or for indoor and outdoor environments, Lea Ceramiche's 3-Tech Project is the solution. Its collections are created using three of the most advanced technologies in the ceramic industry which, thanks to the combination of different thicknesses, embrace every possible intended use, relying on different technical features united by a single aesthetic.

The technologies of 3-Tech Project make it possible to achieve stylistic continuity and outstanding technical performance through a single aesthetic style and are available in different thicknesses in order to meet the functional needs of each project: Slimtech, high quality over-sized ultra-thin slabs; full-body porcelain stoneware of traditional thickness; and L2, 20mm thick stoneware designed for outdoor solutions.

Slimtech, Lea Ceramiche's ultra-thin porcelain stoneware, offers over-sized slabs (up to 120x278 cm and 3m x 1m) that are extraordinarily lightweight thanks to a thickness of only 3.5mm, 5.5mm, or 6mm. This is a versatile and durable product that can be used on either floors or walls, as well as on furniture and exterior building surfaces (ventilated facades and insulated cladding), ensuring perfect continuity with interior spaces.


Full-body porcelain stoneware of traditional thickness has always been synonymous with strength, durability, and practicality. In addition to guaranteeing a technically high-performance product, it offers a multitude of aesthetic variations, shapes, and decorations to meet any design requirement.

Finally, L2 is a porcelain stoneware product with a thickness of 20mm. It can cover any outdoor surface and is resistant to extreme temperatures, deep abrasions, water, and heavy loads (making it ideal for driveways). It features a highly textured surface and is among the most high performance in terms of slip and abrasion resistance.

Thanks to 3-Tech Project, it is possible to design spaces with complete aesthetic continuity. Choosing the same collection for both indoor and outdoor flooring amplifies the visual impact and creates a sense of spatial uniformity, while selecting the same collection for both walls and floors allows for the creation of a fully coordinated space. Finally, 3-Tech Project provides multiple options to designers and consumers, who can select a specific collection for any intended use.

Several 3-Tech Project collections are available in Lea Ceramiche’s catalogue:

Waterfall: inspired by ancient and rocky stones like slate, with a texture that recreates the natural irregularities and colour variations that are the characteristic markings of the passage of time.

Nextone: the unique combination of stones from four different quarries creates something entirely new, that does not exist in nature, but with a natural and balanced appearance. A collection that is enhanced by a wide range of formats, colours, and decorations and which can be tailored to suit any type of architectural project.

Concreto: designed by Fabio Novembre, celebrates the aesthetic of cement, a material that symbolizes modern architecture. A ceramic collection designed with multiple finishes and formats and available in 5 nuances.

Anthology: a unique and surprising collection of ceramic surfaces created from a skilful and well-calibrated fusion with marble and stones, featuring intense tactile and visual realism.

Side Stone: an original perspective on the Ceppo di Gré, an Italian stone extracted from Lake Iseo, which defined the architectural identity of 20th century Milan.