Design à la carte.

Restaurants featuring Lea Ceramiche.
It is an interplay of references between one setting and another, an uninterrupted flow of perceptions and sensations that go beyond the menu choices. The design of a restaurant must take into account all guests’ expectations. This is why it is important that, right from the entrance, the restaurant has what it takes to amaze, rather than disappoint. Floor and wall coverings thus become key elements which, in addition to their technical and performance requirements, complete the experience with a pleasant aesthetic.

Attimi by Heinz Beck, an elegant bistro and dining restaurant, is situated in the streets of Milan’s CityLife, the largest urban shopping district in Italy. Studio Novembre designed the project and opted for Slimtech Concreto to recall the aesthetics of concrete with a modern twist.

The Good Zona Merci restaurant, in the centre of Maranello, features ultra-thin Slimtech slabs. From floor coverings to bathroom wall coverings and customised furnishing elements, the space exploits all possible applications of ceramic in both the architecture and furnishings.

A dynamic sequence of rhomboidal floor modules designed by Lea Ceramiche distinguishes the Briscola Pizza Society restaurants in Milan. The two new locations seem to recreate an underground environment typical of university fraternities, which inspired Studio Novembre.