Endless Landscape

Ferruccio Laviani

Photo Credits: Alessandro Nassiri

During the Milan Design Week 2021, from the 4th to the 10th September, in collaboration with CasaBrera, Lea Ceramiche presents Endless Landscape, an evocative installation by Ferruccio Laviani that, in the heart of the city, in Vicolo Piero Manzoni, will showcase his Masterpiece; a lively and sophisticated collection which is a product of the exploration and research conducted by the brand in partnership with the renowned architect.

Endless Landscape will be a space limited in its volumes, but unlimited in its spaces: a unique showpiece that embodies freedom and movement, plays with size and colour and exalts surfaces, materials, and the many aspects of Masterpiece.

As Laviani himself stated, “describing this project is complicated, despite its simplicity: a public space occupied by an installation, in a contemplative location for thinking, reflecting, and being reflected, a metaphysical landscape, a small architectural forest, an infinite panorama… I believe that all of these definitions are valid, even though what fundamentally remains is a sort of parenthesis within the urban fabric, in which to lose yourself in a gaze and allow you imagination to soar before an ephemeral space. A masterpiece of freedom, dynamic perspectives, and clear geometries which provide a privileged showcase for that which is the absolute protagonist: the pleasure of being alone”.

Endless Landscape adorns the city space, turning it into both a landscape and a tactile garden, within which we find the Italian spirit of the natural materials that inspired it: Verde Alpi marble, the ochre of Sienna, the rust of Cotto Lombardo, and the grey of Pietra Serena. Grafting itself to the surrounding environment, this new architectural landscape suggests a perfect balance of shapes, colours and materials that together create a special haven within the urban fabric.

A project, therefore, that offers various interpretations, uses and suggestions, not intending to describe a space, but rather to increase its potential. Exactly like Masterpiece: a limited range of elements that inspires unlimited possibilities. It's an alphabet of colours and materials, a sequence of adjustable notes that can compose an endless range of melodies. A collection featuring surfaces that were used together to create an elegant dialogue, that provides an opportunity for sophisticated design, and that affirms Lea Ceramiche’s ability to offer unique products which are capable of giving spaces an eclectic identity.



“ENDLESS LANDSCAPE” by Ferruccio Laviani

At CasaBrera, Vicolo Piero Manzoni
from 4 to 10 September 2021