Apricot Crush

Lea Ceramiche’s Surfaces for Warm, Vibrant, and Balanced Colour Combinations

In recent years, dark colours have given way to softer and warmer shades, more and more frequently seen on fashion runways and in the nuances of beauty palettes, even making their way to the world of interior design.

Sophisticated, romantic, and lively, Apricot Crush is a shade of orange that recalls the colour of one of the quintessential summer fruits. It conveys a sense of belonging, warmth, and balance. Perfect for walls, decorative accessories, or furniture, this shade is vibrant and luminous, characterised by a soft and silky quality. It’s able to elicit emotions and tactile sensations and to express its full potential even when combined with other colours.

Warm and earthy tones like brown, clay, and brick, softer shades like rosy-peach and blush, and cooler or neutral tones like petrol green, grey-blue, and ivory are just a few examples of possible combinations that make this colour choice even more sophisticated.

With its collections, Lea Ceramiche makes it possible to achieve various results, manipulating volumes and depth by playing with chromatic continuity and contrast. Its surfaces can be used for both floors and walls, as well as for cladding pieces of furniture. In particular, the 3.5mm ultra-thin Slimtech slabs, thanks to their versatility and low weight, are perfect for livening up a space, permitting the utmost freedom of customisation and offering a new perspective on architectural design.




With Pigmenti, a product of the collaboration with designer Ferruccio Laviani, ceramic becomes a medium dedicated solely to the expression of colour. The result is a delicate structure, in which subtle graphic movements give the colour depth and vitality.

The 12 colour variations available were developed by Laviani, combining a methodical analysis of the current chromatic trends in architecture and interior design with his own proclivity for more expressive and natural colours. The result is a range of contemporary shades, inspired by both natural tones and the most sophisticated nuances, that can be easily combined with one another, as well as with other of the brand’s collections, thus allowing for the utmost expressive freedom. For example, the Canyon and Sunset nuances perfectly capture the effect of Apricot Crush. Thanks to the Slimtech 3plustechnology, Pigmenti is like a second ceramic skin, measuring only 3.5mm thick and available in an over-sized format of 3x1m. Most importantly, it is completely carbon-neutral: in addition to having reduced the consumption of raw materials, energy, and water during the manufacturing phase, as well as CO2 emissions and pollution from transport, thanks to the THINk ZERO project, the residual CO2 emissions generated throughout the product’s entire lifecycle have been fully offset.




Another capsule collection available in ultra-thin Slimtech 3plus, Segni creatively interprets the chromatic nuances of the Pigmenti project, overlaying them with imperfect lines and painted droplets to create textured reliefs and bring vibrant and dynamic surfaces to life. The collection, this one too designed by Ferruccio Laviani, comes in 5 variations that can be combined with the 12 nuances of Pigmenti. The result is a range of ceramic products in contemporary colours, inspired by natural, yet sophisticated hues: from ochre to earth tones, as well as cooler colours like green and blue, and even neutral tones and greys.