Design en Plein Air

Designer Solutions for Outdoor Spaces

In an age where the trend of “outdoor living” is ubiquitous and gardens, terraces, and balconies are becoming seamless extensions of indoor spaces, it has become essential to design functional, inviting, and enduring exterior spaces that are in harmony with the surrounding environment.

Thus, outdoor seating areas are set to become “the place to be” in every season. Regardless of the size of the available space or its specific purpose, the style and choice of materials must also consider not only aspects related to aesthetics and colour, but also technical aspects like the product’s weather resistance and performance throughout its lifecycle. The success of porcelain stoneware lies in its extensive range of solutions which, alongside a multitude of looks and colours, offer outstanding technical performance. Thus, the flooring of outdoor spaces can even be installed on surfaces like grass, gravel, and sand, depending on the specific needs. Or, thanks to slim and ultra-thin stoneware, these spaces can be personalised with furniture and accessories that are strikingly clad and, above all, extremely easy to maintain.

Lea Ceramiche, known for its visionary design and technological performance, offers some of the most captivating and diverse collections of porcelain stoneware that are also resistant to changes in weather, UV rays, and the most aggressive chemicals: slabs of standard thickness (9 mm), perfect for balconies or terraces and ultra-thin surfaces measuring from 3.5mm to 6mm thick, perfect for cladding outdoor furniture like tables, bars, and seating and for creating vertical panels. The slim profile of these slabs makes them exceptionally suitable for both ventilated and adhered facade systems, as well as for thermal insulation cladding, enhancing a building's warmth and comfort. Additionally, they provide unmatched possibilities for color and style coordination. Finally, Lea Ceramiche offers 20mm thick surfaces for paving driveways and walkways that need to be non-slip and resistant to frost, temperature variations, salt spray, deep abrasions, water, and heavy loads.


A porcelain stoneware collection, inspired by stones from four diverse quarries, combines to form a unique, nature-inspired material. Though not found in the natural world, it boasts a balanced and authentic appearance. Nextone is a wide collection featuring three production technologies and three different thicknesses: a versatile decorative solution with a wide range of formats, colours, and decorations, suitable for all kinds of projects. The four colours in the collection express neutral shades that range from a pure White to a luminous Grey, from an inviting Taupe to an elegant Dark (an anthracite with a touch of brown). The collection is characterised by a decorative style that is expressed in three contemporary textures: Line, Dot, and Mark re-create subtle textural effects that can be combined with the natural and honed finishes of the base modules to create seamless and, coordinated environments.


Concreto, by Fabio Novembre, defines the personality of any environment, for more intimate, private, and welcoming spaces that feature a unique balance of minimalism and design. The collection is inspired by concrete and comes in three thicknesses with multiple finishes, formats, and decorative solutions, creating seamless and streamlined surfaces on floors, walls, and furniture. Its Slimtech version unleashes the infinite possibilities of over-sized ultra-thin porcelain stoneware slabs. This collection’s cement-inspired appearance is elevated with decorative touches of gold fragments and the surprising presence of water marks, showcasing a natural and organic interplay with the material. Meanwhile, the decorations of the Zoom range of products, in traditional thickness, explore the intrinsic nature of concrete itself, uncovering unpredictable natural shapes to create amazing patterns and distinctive renditions of classic cement tiles for use in cladding.


Bio Attitude captures the essence of timeless beauty inspired by nature. It features a simple yet striking design, contrasting dark with nearly-white fibres reminiscent of wood finished with natural waxes. This collection offers a subtle, rustic charm with its gentle colour variations and exceptional visual harmony. Its natural appearance is enriched by a detailed surface texture, beautifully aligned with sharp, high-quality graphics. This combination showcases the latest in digital technology, creating a sophisticated, wood-like product that brings a balanced and authentic feel to any space.