Designing with darkness

Exploring interior design trends: the enchantment of dark colours

The world of interior design is pervaded by a feeling of boldness and sophistication, where dark colours stand out as the undisputed protagonists. At a time when elegance and individuality are valued more than ever, transforming spaces with a bold and unique style choice that is bound to leave an indelible mark on the home environment is essential.

The Dark Chic style, a blend of nature and technology

Inspired by the iconic Japanese aesthetic, clean and refined, the Dark Chic trend leads more and more planners and designers to create spaces designed by contrasts, brushstrokes and light and shadow. As a result of mix and match between impalpable fabrics and excellent raw materials such as porcelain stoneware, the interiors are transformed into nothing less than stages of elegance and mystery.

The revisitation of stylistic codes is inspired by nature

Traditional stylistic codes are revisited by reinterpretations of materials such as stone and marble, generating surfaces with a harmonious balance of modernity and tradition. For example, with its palette of dark shades in no less than three different thicknesses, Anthology creates an enveloping and sophisticated atmosphere, perfect for those seeking a unique and distinctive design, indoors as well as outdoors. In the colour Dark, elements such as marble and stone of different extractions, carefully dosed, blend with great credibility on porcelain tiles, generating a precious and unique combination that enhances the strengths of both.

The elegance of black marble in the bathroom

Marble in black or dark shades takes on a new life, transforming itself into a seductive tale of luxury and refinement. Deep, enveloping shades, like the Marquina Nero of the Delight collection transform bathroom spaces into oases of tranquillity and beauty, where every detail is attended to with the utmost precision.

The charm of modern slate for contemporary living rooms

Slate, for example, is perfect for giving one's spaces a mysterious and elegant allure, especially when its essence is reinterpreted in a modern and bold key, as in Waterfall. The collection where grey and dark colours evoke the mysterious charm of ancient rocks on stone-look ceramic tiles capable of lending spaces timeless beauty.

How to successfully use dark colours

But how can you integrate dark colours into your interior design project and achieve a balanced and elegant result? Here are some tips for successfully using dark colours:

  1. Contrast with light elements: in order to prevent the spaces from looking oppressive, it is essential to balance dark colours with light elements. For example, you can opt for furniture and accessories in neutral or bright shades to create a dynamic contrast.
  2. Proper lighting: lighting plays a crucial role when working with dark colours. Make sure you have a combination of light sources, such as ceiling lights, table lamps and directed spotlights, to ensure that the space is well lit and welcoming.
  3. Experiment with materials and textures: dark colours can be further enriched by experimenting with a variety of materials and textures. Try incorporating luxurious fabrics such as velvets and silks, or natural materials such as wood and stone, to add depth and visual interest to the interior.
  4. Make details stand out: use dark colours to highlight architectural or decorative elements of a room. A dark wall behind a fireplace or a kitchen island can create a fascinating and unique focal point.

A new chapter in Interior Design

The interior design is no longer just about aesthetics, but about personal expression and creativity. With Lea Ceramiche, you can transform any room into a testimony to your unique and individual style, creating a space that is truly yours in every detail.