Grand Entrances, According to Lea Ceramiche.

A High-Impact First Impression Full of Character

Whether it’s an open space, a small apartment, or a larger living area, the entrance is an important space: it serves as the connection between the inside and the outside of a home and provides the first impression of who lives there.

It’s a space that represents us, tells our story, and welcomes us. It gives a preview of the style and atmosphere of the whole environment and therefore it must be meticulously planned out and designed, down to the smallest details.

For entrances, Lea Ceramiche offers collections for flooring and cladding that add character and feature a contemporary style, suitable for both indoor and outdoor spaces, so as to not impose any limits on the design and creativity of those who envision and reinterpret these special areas. The result is the creation of a second evocative personality, one that is unpredictable at times, warm, or deep and tactile, fruit of ongoing stylistic, aesthetic, and sensory research.

Masterpiece, the latest collection designed by architect Ferruccio Laviani, blends limited elements that can develop unlimited combinations. Two different and unique surfaces, Master, inspired by cement, and Piece, inspired by marble aggregate, can be combined freely with one another or exist independently.

Master is a grainy type of cement rich in micro-aggregates that provide material depth and movement, in which each surface possesses acharacteristic and unique design.

Piece, emulating marble aggregate flooring, features micro-fragments that are densely embedded in the body of the product and are also visible along the tile edge, offering a finely elaborated, three dimensional, and rich surface material. A refined collection that allows for sophisticated design and multiple decorative combinations.

Anthology is a highly evocative series, the result of a skilful and deliberate blend of distinctive ingredients that give life to 5 entirely different surfaces with strong and unique personalities. Each is the result of a special union, in which elements of marble and stone from different origins are meticulously calibrated and blended with astounding realism, resulting in a combination that emphasises the qualities of both. A unique effect, that surpasses the boundaries of the visual and tactile experiences which have thus far been explored by a ceramic product. In addition to the material having different degrees of depth, these three surfaces have the ability to generate tactile sensations and reflect light, giving spaces a fluid harmony that blurs the line between the artificial and the natural dimensions.

With Concreto, designed by Fabio Novembre, Lea Ceramiche has created an entire collection, inspired by cement. A project focusing on aesthetics that shapes the personality of every environment, for spaces that are more intimate, private, and cosy, in a unique balance of minimalism and design. Continuous and clean surfaces, both vertical and horizontal, with imposing walls, floors that expand spaces and unique décors.

Decorative elements are incorporated in the grandeur of the cement, in the form of gold fragments and unpredictable traces of water, a vital element, naturally and organically interacting within the material. The decorations in the Zoom series are immersed into the cement itself revealing surprising natural patterns, that create unique ceramic tapestries, today available also in an original reinterpretation of the traditional terrazzo tile.

The various nuances that wood can acquire over time, due to different climatic conditions, are masterfully featured in the new collection Bio Attitude, whose combination of oak slats stands out thanks to its natural appearance and design, free of invasive processes. In Bio Attitude, the blending of dark and almost white grains, typical of woods treated with natural waxes, gives a well-measured, rustic touch to an oak-look product with delicate colour shading and exceptional visual balance.

The four different collections feature the outstanding antibacterial, hygienic, and protective action of Protect® technology which, thanks to a true silver ion shield incorporated in the tiles themselves, eliminates up to 99.9% of bacteria, guaranteeing incredibly high performance and making flooring and cladding safe, and protected. All these are fundamental qualities that meet current design trends, in which being able to use our domestic spaces, especially the entrance area, comfortably and safely is essential.

The design creativity, expression, and flexibility that have always characterised Lea Ceramiche, become enormously valuable elements in every domestic space, even in the entrance, thanks to products that are able to tell stories, with different arrangements and details, but always connected to the people who live in them.