Living Spaces according to Lea Ceramiche.

Increasingly multifunctional spaces where aesthetics and design are the distinctive feature.

Projects that evolve according to new perspectives, environments that are the result of the times, places that change and adapt. The changes of the last few months have brought about new requirements that force us to rethink the way we design and live in our homes. Over the day, rooms turn to become offices, fitness areas, and relaxation corners.The living area is once again at the centre of the home and daily life: no longer an exclusive room for the evening but a room to be experienced at any time and thus increasingly multifunctional, versatile and fluid.

Lea Ceramiche, offers four different living area collections that are unique and sophisticated. They are the result of a desire to experiment new approaches, different styles and expressive languages that can interpret and define trends and living spaces that are in constant evolution.

Synestesiathe new extraordinary marble-effect collection, boasts a strong and visual and aesthetic impact and features an original, soft, and silky surface. This new collection represents a real journey of the senses through the material, starting from the ostentatious graphic and chromatic richness of marble to produce ceramic surfaces with an unmistakable personality. Synestesia features a very dense graphic texture that recreates vein patterns which produce exquisite artistic designs and effects, perfectly in line with the latest marble trends in the interior design segment. The collection offers contemporary luxury rediscovered in almost graphic vein patterns, in infinite paths that cross the material, a timeless world in which nature’s disruptive beauty merges with man’s ability to reproduce it through technology. Above all, it is through touch that Synestesia reveals all its sensuality, featuring a soft, silky, and enveloping surface. A new collection that features four sumptuous ceramic marbles that capture the disruptive beauty of nature for unique and distinctive contemporary luxury interiors.

Anthology is a unique collection with a highly evocative appeal born from the skilful and attentive combination of distinctive elements, bringing to life 5 very different subjects which exude a strong and absolute personality. Each is the result of a special encounter where elements such as marble and stones of different extractor are meticulously dosed and blended with immense credibility to obtain a combination which exalts the qualities of both. Stylistic research that is deep and intense joins the application of the best manufacturing and decorative technologies available. The result is an extremely realistic product, where the peculiarities and qualities typical of stone and the precious and unmistakable features of the best marble are perfectly recognisable. An exclusive and unprecedented effect which transcends all visual and tactile experiences previously explored by ceramic products. All three surfaces confer different levels of depth upon material, evoke different tactile sensations and, by reflecting light, generate a fluid harmony in spaces, nullifying any distinction between the artificial and natural dimension. 

With Concreto, Lea Ceramiche finalised a full ceramic collection inspired by concrete: split into three thicknesses, with multiple finishes, multiple formats and more decorative solutions. An aesthetic project that gives character to any environment, for cosier and more private environments, welcoming spaces featuring unique harmony and minimalistic design. Continuous, clean surfaces, both vertical and horizontal; monolithic walls, floors that expand spaces, furnishings: Concreto, in its Slimtech version, unveils the infinite possibilities of large slabs of thin porcelain stoneware. The decorative accessories combine concrete references with fragments of gold and unpredictable traces of water, a vital element in its natural, organic interaction with the material. Instead, the Zoom decoration collection featuring standard thickness explores the organic nature of concrete to discover unpredictable natural geometries, creating patterned carpets and a new take on traditional cement tiles.
The Bio Select collection by Lea Ceramiche is based on the idea of recreating the uniqueness and warmth of wooden floors with a natural and elegant imprint on the surface of the ceramic material. Bio Select is inspired by oak and walnut, which are among nature's finest woods. A long process of research to select the best planks and to reproduce a light, bright and elegant colour to match any décor or style. Bio Select features rich and varied decorations. As per Lea Ceramiche's styling tradition, the various module cuts allow multiple combinations of geometric and elegant installations. Surfaces designed with herringbone or trapezoidal slats allow you to personalise your living environment by making the ceramic material a crucial decorative element, creating a refined and welcoming atmosphere. The planks, which are also available in a large, full-length format, lend spaces natural elegance, making them precious thanks to the quality and sustainability of the materials. Bio Select is a collection that looks to the contemporary, ideal for environments that are more and more in tune with new lifestyles, enlivening floors and walls and giving the space an elegant, refined and dynamic appearance.
These four collections featuring high technical and aesthetic performance combine with the exceptional anti-bacterial action of the material, which is hygienic and protective thanks to the Protect®  technology that forms a silver ion-based shield on the tiles eliminating up to 99.9% of the bacteria. This guarantees high performance and makes floors healthy, safe and protected. Essential features for the new requirements dictated by the times, where living in the home is flexible but, above all, peaceful.

Four collections to narrate the expressive strength and aesthetic attention that characterises the creative soul of Lea Ceramiche, where between different thicknesses and sizes, design and new technologies, ceramic coverings give the space we live in every day a new identity.