“Tools and Space” by Ferruccio Laviani

Extraordinary shapes made of pure matter, colour, and lightness for Milano Design Week 2023
The project

“Tools and Space” by Ferruccio Laviani, set up in the PAC's evocative outdoor courtyard, uses renewed creativity to reinterpret Pigmenti, the collection developed in collaboration with the architect himself.

Within the installation, the colours, decorations, and textures of Pigmenti showcase five elements, which represent over-sized versions of traditional and iconic architectural tools, from a giant circle template to curved lines of different shapes and sizes.


“There are objects from the not-so-distant 'analogue' era, which are still able to convey the manual skill involved in a certain design technique. ‘Tools and Space’ celebrates, in the surrealist manner of Savinio in 'Giochi Nella Foresta' [Games in the Forest], an era in which the tools of a recent past (circle templates, curved lines, or rulers) were required for design and architecture.

This installation, and specifically Lea Ceramiche's Pigmenti collection, also becomes an expressive tool for generating new shapes and volumes that recall surrealist monuments in an ideal De Chirico Italian piazza, suspended between the Neoclassical architecture of Palazzo Reale and that of Ignazio Gardella's PAC"

Ferruccio Laviani

Pigmenti and Segni, collections by Ferruccio Laviani

Pigmenti, by Ferruccio Laviani, is an unstoppable research that is able to investigate the material, bringing out expressive possibilities and new points of view. The result is a material colour with a fine structure, where light graphic movements give the colour depth and dynamism to the ultra-thin Slimtech slabs. With Pigmenti, ceramics recovers its primordial function: it returns to being pure material at the service of colour.

Segni decoratively expresses the colours of the Pigmenti design. From a graphic elaboration of the figurative ceramics of the 60s and the experimentation of conceptual art arise imperfect lines and drops and signs of brushstrokes, becoming textures with a material relief for vivid and dynamic surfaces.