A window onto Paris.


Lea Ceramiche has always distinguished itself with products that have a strong personality and outstanding technical characteristics, refined ceramic materials that are the result of meticulous research and development and cutting-edge manufacturing technologies. Over and above, its collaborations with renowned international designers, creators who can exalt the character and performance of its surfaces in prestigious projects and installations all around the world, bring further style and allure transforming it into an authority in the field of design.

Every Lea Ceramiche collection brings together high-quality ceramic design, an exhaustive range of products, and a wealth of decorative elements, for the ultimate interpretation of modern design. From November 2021 to 31 March 2022 the world of Lea Ceramiche and its ceramic concepts reopen the doors of the Temporary Lab in Paris, just steps from the Paris Opera.

Not simply an exhibition space, but rather a place of collaboration, participation, and design to be experienced and shared with architects, designers, and industry experts. After the promising debut in 2017, the experiences in 2018 and 2019, and the forced hiatus due to the pandemic, the reopening of the TEMPORARY LAB marks the start of a new phase for the world of Lea Ceramiche in Paris, one that’s ready to connect with the French community of design professionals.

In the showroom, the perimeter of the space is subdivided by collection to highlight the various formats, thicknesses, textures, and decorations, allowing them to interact with one another and emphasising the expressive power of ceramic material. The space provides a sweeping view of the most recent ceramic solutions in order to best guide designers. TEMPORARY LAB is the perfect environment for encouraging collaboration and communication with architects and designers, both French and from all over the world, and is perfectly in line with the brand’s creative, innovative, and decidedly future-oriented approach.