Lea Ceramiche @ Coverings 2022


Lea Ceramiche will be present at Coverings 2022, the most important North American trade show dedicated to ceramic and natural stone, taking place in Las Vegas (USA) from 5 to 8 April. Architects, designers, and industry experts will have the opportunity to admire the latest products and trends for flooring and cladding offered by numerous exhibitors from all over the world.

With its high-performance and aesthetically unique collections - Masterpiece, Synestesia, and Anthea - together with the innovative Slimtech Easy dry lay system, Lea Ceramiche will once again astound the numerous international visitors who will be crowding into its display space. These are products and solutions created from an in-depth analysis of the latest trends in interior design and with the goal of making spaces increasingly personalised and eclectic.

Masterpiece is a vibrant and sophisticated collection rich in nuances, which originated from the combination and breakdown of two remarkable surfaces: cement and marble aggregate. The series was born from the collaboration between Lea Ceramiche and architect Ferruccio Laviani. The concept developed by this prestigious collaboration blends a limited range of elements that inspire unlimited possibilities. Two different crafted surfaces, Master (inspired by cement) and Piece (inspired by marble aggregate), can be freely paired with one another, or exist separately. Masterpiece is made up of surfaces engaged in a refined dialogue, which introduces a design style that focuses on multiple decorative combinations, lending itself to various levels of application: from simple and fashionable cement surfaces to the flexible combination of Master and Piece, for infinite design interpretations.

Synestesia is an aesthetically and visually astounding marble-look collection. It stands out for its surface which is soft and silky to the touch; a series that represents a true sensory journey through matter, which begins with the ostentatious graphic and chromatic wealth of marble to arrive at ceramic surfaces with unmistakable personality. Synestesia expresses a contemporary luxury that’s rediscovered in the veining of marble, in the fascinating lines that weave across the surface and that can be freely paired to create, (thanks to the new 120 x 278 cm format) a timeless world in which the explosive beauty of nature blends with man’s ability to reproduce it through technology.

In Anthea, traditional subjects like marble and stone come together in a unique collection, offering a sophisticated and thrilling combination that doesn’t exist in nature. This is a highly evocative series, born from a skilful and deliberate blend of ingredients that gives life to 5 subjects, all entirely different from one another. Each is the result of an extraordinary union, in which elements of marble and stone, meticulously calibrated and from different origins, blend together with astounding realism, resulting in a combination that enhances the features of both. For each of the five available colours, one can choose from three different surface textures (time worn, natural, or sandblasted) which are paired with the design that best highlights their individual qualities, for a highly realistic end product.

Finally, Slimtech Easy will also be present at Coverings, the certified dry lay, adhesive-less system for ultra-thin over-sized slabs which makes it easy to restyle pre-existing floors without removing or damaging the original surfaces. Slimtech Easy by Lea Ceramiche revolutionises the concept of new ceramic flooring with unprecedented simplicity and speed and with outstanding results. The key elements are the Slimtech Plus laminated porcelain stoneware slabs, available in multiple finishes and looks, and the Silent soundproofing mat, specifically designed for this solution, on which the surfaces are laid before being sealed with a special filler, available in 2 versions (fast or mat), which makes them stable, waterproof, incredibly strong, and immediately ready to be walked on.

Lea Ceramiche’s participation at Coverings confirms the brand’s desire to be present in international markets in order to meet the needs of a demanding and cosmopolitan clientele, with products that offer enormous personality and extraordinary technical performance.