Masterpiece by Ferruccio Laviani in the ADI Design Index


Masterpiece is Officially in the Running for the 2024 Compasso d'Oro.


Masterpiece, the collection from Lea Ceramiche, designed by Ferruccio Lavianihas been included in the ADI Design Index, in the Residential Design category, thus receiving the opportunity to participate in the Compasso d'Oro, the most prestigious international award in the field of technological and industrial design, which will take place over the course of 2024.

Masterpiece by Ferruccio Laviani is like a sequence of modular notes that can give voice to various harmonious arrangements. Two different surfaces, Master, inspired by cement, and Piece, inspired by terrazzo floors, can be freely combined with one another or used separately. The Master surface (cement) draws inspiration from a structured composition of products obtained through techniques that blend different selected materials, rendering them visually uniform. Meanwhile, Piece (terrazzo floor) is a material characterized by micro-fragments that are densely embedded in the body of the product and are visible even along the tile edge, resulting in a finely crafted, three-dimensional, and rich textured surface.

Masterpiece features surfaces brought together in an elegant dialogue that makes sophisticated design and multiple decorative combinations possible. It has multiple applications and can enable infinite design concepts to life. Conceived for both minimalist and flamboyant environments, modern homes and lofts, commercial spaces, and large-scale projects, Masterpiece is for those who seek personality through an original, articulate, and versatile collection.


“Being selected once again by the Permanent Design Observatory is further confirmation that Lea Ceramiche has put the best innovation, creative research, and aesthetic value into Masterpiece while benefiting from architect Ferruccio Laviani’s sensibility and professionalism,” according to Andrea Anghinetti, Brand Manager for Lea Ceramiche.

Ferruccio Laviani comments on his collaboration with the brand: "Working with Lea Ceramiche allows me to experiment every time with decorative and aesthetic research to find new expressive ways to communicate my vision through such a versatile material. That's what I believe to be, for a designer like me, the best thing one could wish for in a designer-company relationship."


Every year ADI Associazione for Industrial Design selects a roster of products that stand out for their originality, innovation, production processes, materials used, and formal synthesis. Being included in this prestigious collection of the best in design confirms that we’ve created a distinctive collection, the product of the research and creativity that Lea Ceramiche has always been known for, also when collaborating with the greats of international design.