An important patent for the EASY System, the innovative dry-laying technique for ultra-thin Slimtech Plus slabs.


Panariagroup and Lea Ceramiche along with it confirm themselves as pioneers of innovation and sustainability, earning a patent that recognises the Group's ability to develop valuable and long-lasting solutions.


The Italian Patent and Trademark Office has awarded EASY© as the first certified laying system for all types of flooring made with ultra-thin ceramic products reinforced with glass fiber, such as Slimtech Plus.

The innovative element of the solution lies in having identified and industrialized a transversal and innovative method for the installation of porcelain stoneware flooring, avoiding the use of chemicals and/or glues as floor fasteners, while demonstrating environmental care and effectiveness of product installation, thanks to the use of the SILENT mat and the FILLER sealant that ensure maximum resistance and stability of the surfaces.


The true innovation is represented in particular by the use of a new system that drastically reduces the time of installation and/or future de-installation of the product, making possible the reuse of Slimtech Plus slabs, and optimizing the purchase investment.

In fact, SLIMTECH EASY© enables to cover and renovate spaces without demolishing floors, as it can be laid on top of pre-existing surfaces and is, therefore, a one-of-a-kind laying method.

Over and above, the exclusive use of ultra-thin, fiberglass-reinforced slabs, with a minimum thickness of just 5.5 mm, makes it more durable than any other traditional laying system.