Milano - Chiostri di San Barnaba
Ferruccio Laviani
Photo Credits: Gionata Xerra
A micro-voyage in the discovery of colour

In occasione della Milano Design Week 2022, Lea Ceramiche ha presentato Perspectives by Ferruccio Laviani, un percorso nella ceramica per indagare le prospettive caleidoscopiche che si aprono per l’architettura. Immersa nel verde di un luogo segreto come il Giardino dei Platani, all'interno degli idilliaci Chiostri di San Barnaba, l'installazione ha attirato a sé professionisti e amanti del design per l'intera settimana. Uno scenario di grande stimolo per raccontare la bellezza, le opportunità e l’innovazione espresse dal materiale ceramico.

An installation to be experienced

White and solidly anchored to the ground, but at the same time, colourful and almost fluctuating, Perspectives has been able to express its essence as both a work of land-art and mini-architecture, speaking to each of its visitors in a unique way. A sequence of ultra-thin interspersed ceramic slabs creates a sort of perspective telescope achieved through clefts that recall natural ravines where the eyes can reach the bottom. The installation, a joy to experience made with the very thin Absolute Extra White slabs in Slimtech 3plus has been able to guide each explorer towards new promises of colour. Cave to explore, path of discovery, telescope pointed towards new kaleidoscopic perspectives for architecture and... even a skater-proof ramp!

“Perspectives helps those who walk through it to grasp the power of colour because it comes at the end of a journey of white textures, which serve to surprise and enhance the colours. Giving them back that emotional quality that I like to surround myself with and emphasising the main message: the versatility of ceramics, alphabet of colours and matter, sequence of modular notes that can give rise to different scores. A tool, in short, that opens kaleidoscopic perspectives for architecture.”


Ferruccio Laviani