Apartment Milan

studioAmilan - Gino Guarnieri | Jacopo Agnolazza

The elegant Via Settembrini in the Milano Centrale area contains a 20th-century eclectic-Art Nouveau style building with Neo-Romanesque features. This is where architect Gino Guarnieri decided to create the home and the studio for his family in the building’s demolished attic, recreating a 228 sq m space that blends a minimal and contemporary look with the existing compositional elements, while at the same time maintaining a style in line with the surrounding environments. The interior spaces have been organised using functional solutions without sacrificing traditional Made in Italy aesthetics, through the selection of sophisticated materials that perfectly express contemporary living.

The architect decided to create a private patio that was invisible from the outside, but that offered a view of the sky and of the characteristic red brick chimneys of the building next door. The space was designed with simple contours to highlight the special features of this characteristic building. This is why the choice fell on Lea Ceramiche’s Slimtech Concreto> collection by Fabio Novembre, which blends minimalism and design in an aesthetic celebration of concrete, a material that symbolises modern architecture. Slimtech Concreto offers the infinite possibilities of thin porcelain stoneware and, in this case, thanks to its extraordinary resistance to weathering, the large slabs were used to cover the external wall in the Medium version with a shade of grey that perfectly harmonizes with the surrounding context.


This project was selected by Domus magazine among as one of the best 10 interiors of 2020. Read the article