Apartment Moldavia


Responding to the possibility of reinventing one’s home with a careful study of the technical, functional and aesthetic effects of the materials, is the Slimtech line by Lea Ceramiche, a range of ceramic surfaces that realistically reproduce the material effects of wood, stone, marble, cement... even imitating the weave of textiles. The innovative material in thin laminated stoneware and its availability in large formats make it possible to minimise the number of joints, highlighting the effect of continuity between the flooring and the walls and making special applications possible, such as the covering of furnishing accessories. An example of this is an interior design project in Moldova, in which Slimtech, for all these features, was chosen in the marble-effect version of the Timeless Marble series by Lea Ceramiche.

The refined architectural imprint called for a synthesis between a modern aesthetic and the choice of materials with the most classic style. The bathroom environment is surprising, where the entire volume is expertly defined by the continuity of the Slimtech slabs in the Pietra Gray colour, on the floor and on part of the walls, which combine perfectly with the opposite wall, mitigating the purity of the whiteness of the sanitary fittings with the refined exuberance of the whole. Timeless Marble expresses the natural beauty of the finest marbles; the large slabs in the satin finish, reproducing marble designs with great naturalness, are able to enhance smaller interiors as well as large spaces. The same type of covering was chosen for the living room wall and to cover the structure that frames the fireplace. A solution made possible thanks to the versatility of Slimtech, applicable with ease on any surface and furnishing, absolute guarantee of strength, functionality and aesthetics.

Another feature of these ceramic materials is Protect® antibacterial protection, an exclusive technology that ensures clean and safe surfaces by eliminating 99% of the bacteria, 24 hours a day.