Bupa Cromwell Hospital

South Kensington (Londra)
TP Bennet

Lea Ceramiche, a leading company in the production of top-quality ceramic coverings, has always focused on strengthening its mission to create sustainable products geared around quality of life and healthy living. To this end, for years it has been proposing the best technology for antibacterial materials: Protect® is a line of ceramic surfaces by Panariagroup, to which Lea Ceramiche belongs, for healthy, safe and protected spaces. It is ideal in both the residential and contract sectors and in healthcare environments.

One example is the Bupa Cromwell Hospital in the South Kensington area of London, which recently renovated some work areas including the patient reception area, choosing Lea Ceramiche’s Cliffstone collection for its floors. A reinterpretation of a kind of stone that does not exist in nature, but that has been creatively reinvented by the internal research laboratory, it is distinguished by the wide range of stone-effect formats and designs that reproduce the veins and inclusions of the stone-like material. With amazing realism, digital technology reproduces not only colours and textures, but also irregularities, shades and imperfections. The essence of the collection lies in the movement created on the whole surface. Boasting Protect® antibacterial protection, it has an active component with silver-based particles integrated in the product before firing, which guarantees safety and hygiene in any environment. The active components, therefore, do not become less effective over time and are not removed by washing and trampling, but last for the product’s entire life cycle.

Cliffstone’s high technical performance and aesthetic qualities enable creative freedom in architectural design that offers designers a wide range of customization options. The multi-format version, for example, specially designed for the reception area of the prestigious private Bupa Cromwell Hospital in London, accentuates the size of the space and makes it brighter, facilitating an experience in the individual check-in areas that combines privacy and comfort for every patient.

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