Dealership Mercedes-Benz

Tbilisi (Georgia)

Ultra-thin, but resistant; oversize, yet very light: Lea Ceramiche’s Slimtech laminated stoneware slabs are a product that has revolutionized the ceramic sector. It is a material that combines functionality and aesthetics, guaranteeing, on the one hand, continuous and extensive surfaces with few interruptions due to the reduced presence of joints, and, on the other hand, technical performance characteristics that are difficult to obtain from other materials. From an aesthetic standpoint, the refinement of digital printing technology used to create surface finishes, including tactile effects, ensures that ceramic slabs increasingly resemble natural materials, such as wood, marble and stone, without any defects on the surface, while maintaining large sizes (up to 3 m x 1 m and 120x260 cm).

The variety of reduced thicknesses, from 3.5 to 6 mm, the different available finishes (natural, polished, satin and touch) and the medium and large sizes make it possible to freely shape this material according to the specific expressive needs of each project, ranging from residential to contract, from light to intensive commercial use, from interior coverings to ventilated façades and finishing systems for building retrofits.

One of the most notable projects to have recently chosen Slimtech as a surface covering is the Mercedes car dealership in Tbilisi, Georgia. The large slabs in Lea Ceramiche’s Absolute collection combine aesthetics and functionality: the intense Total Black colour in the matt finish give the space an elegant and sophisticated look; the 5.5 mm thick laminated stoneware meets functionality and performance requirements, assisted by the fibreglass reinforcement.

In addition to its aesthetic and technical characteristics, Slimtech is also environmentally friendly: natural raw materials, sustainable technology, fully recyclable products and Protect® antibacterial properties for protection even in the absence of light: this is the basis of Lea Ceramiche’s green philosophy, which the company rigorously applies to its entire collection catalogue.