Hotel de Noailles

Photo Credits: Yvan Moreau - ©️David-Emmanuel Cohen/MyHotelPhotographer

Located in the heart of Paris, a short distance from Galeries Lafayette and the Louvre Museum, the Hotel de Noailles was designed by Selig&Renault, Alexandra Selig and Carl Renault, a pair of French architects who fluently alternate between interior design and art decoration projects. The Hotel de Noailles, which has a long history as a family-run establishment and has been managed by a mother followed by her daughter since 1991, mainly required reorganisation of communal spaces in order to make them more functional and easier to move around, while preserving the hotel’s distinctive identity and highlighting the artwork collection that has been passionately assembled over the years.

The designers rethought the hotel rooms with the aim of reflecting the owners’ welcoming and imaginative character, opting for Lea Ceramiche for the floor materials chosen for the communal areas, in particular the wood-effect Bio Select porcelain stoneware collection. The long slats in the Walnut Tobacco colour recall the warmth of natural wood; the innovative digital printing technique reproduces varying, highly defined graphic designs on the ceramic material: graphics and structure blend perfectly, almost seamlessly, simplifying the contrast between natural and artificial. The skilful blend of wooden designs and colours is encapsulated by the warm Walnutt Tobacco shade, modules that evoke a classic, harmonious and natural style; the colour shades, which sometimes strongly contrast, give the surfaces that warm, inclusive and welcoming atmosphere that makes the Hotel de Noailles a little jewel in the heart of Paris.

Finally, Lea Ceramiche’s Protect® antibacterial protection, inserted in the ceramic during the manufacturing process, ensures cleanliness and hygiene, resulting in a protected and healthy hotel environment.

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