Idyllic Concept Resort

Lipe Island (Thailand)
Thanon. Studio
Client: GL & R 

Research, continuous experimentation and creativity are the assets that have guided Lea Ceramiche since its foundation. Over the years, this successful combination has resulted in numerous products that offer the perfect answer, in terms of style and taste, to market needs, from the household market to retail and contract. Lea Ceramiche is a creative laboratory that has aimed from the outset to create very high-quality ceramic materials and to hone their aesthetic appeal over time, making them truly distinctive

Due to all these characteristics, Lea Ceramiche products are often selected to furnish both residential and architectural projects that aim to stand out for their style and high-quality materials. A notable example is the Idyllic Concept Resort, a hospitality project located on a small tropical island in Thailand. The result of a perfect balance between indoor and outdoor areas, the architectural complex dialogues with the surrounding landscape with the intent of enhancing its local character by letting it enter through the large square openings. The choice of floor coverings is also inspired by natural elements. For example, in the lobby the Thanon Studio designers opted for Lea Ceramiche’s Waterfall, a porcelain stoneware collection that realistically and physically reinterprets ancient slate rock.

Recreating the iridescent effects typical of sedimentary rock on the surface of the stoneware, Waterfall features textures, irregularities and colour variations, precise expressions of the passage of time. The grey base colours recall the natural oxidation process of stone, a constantly transforming material that changes colour, form and structure, adapting to the evolution of natural phenomena. With the inclusion of other types of rock such as Brazilian quartzite, Lea Ceramiche’s research laboratory has achieved a perfect aesthetic definition, a graphic harmonisation that makes the material elegant and that interacts with the changing light.

Thanks to its natural effect, Waterfall lends the space a sophisticated and harmonious character. The perceptible elegant, yet welcoming atmosphere enhances the balance of the project’s proportions, conveying the surrounding landscape’s sense of harmony and giving the sensation of being in close contact with nature.