In Transition

Philippe Nigro

Lea Ceramiche dates for the Fuori Salone 2017 are an invitation to explore the path of research, experimentation and innovation that the company in Fiorano Modenese has chosen since its origin. The unique creative vocation, backed by solid industrial means, is revealed in the project CREATIVITY IN PERFORMANCE which is presented through two complementary installations: in via Durini 3, in the showroom of the company, and in via Palermo 11. In both, the big laminated porcelain slabs, for floor and wall cladding, have been chosen to express the versatility of the company’s products, the ideas from where they come and the scenarios that they can create.

Philippe Nigro’s new project, Filigrane, the leading element of the installation IN TRANSITION at the company showroom in via Durini expresses, in a subtle play of association, the aesthetic qualities both from a product as well as a technological point of view that reveal the contrast between imitation and invention, abstract and reality.

“Filigrane proposes to play with illusion and to use cutting-edge ceramic processing technology as an opportunity to produce a ‘neutral’ material, a surface to create effects that are only possible using technical innovation,” explains Nigro. “Sometimes almost indistinguishable, like a watermark on paper, or in the form of a light and transparent veil, Watermark is a discreet geometric pattern both for the shape of its design and for its colorful tones.

Leaving appear the material’s natural effect, the pattern gives a sense of order and direction, a kind of restraint that the material offers, but also a depth with its possible double interpretation: can the natural or geometrical textures be read? Both at the same time?”.

This exhibition in Showroom in Via Durini, Milan achieves this play between illusion and reality, that can only be done with ceramics. The installation IN TRANSITION sets all these materials as if they were blocks and slabs of marble, waiting to be sent to the processing stage.

As a whole the project CREATIVITY IN PERFORMANCE highlights the capacity to summarize, through industry and technology, an artistic and imaginary world. An attitude that is the foundation of the collections and projects by the. This is an approach where style and performance always coincide.

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“I wanted to go beyond the concept of imitation and try to give it a different definition. So quite openly, I have been playing with ideas that are associated with what is fake, but freeing that word from any negative connotations it might have.”