Landscape Festival

Photo Credits: Il Conte Photography, Fotografare

Lea Ceramiche and Panariagroup at the Landscape Festival in Bergamo

Lea Ceramiche together with Panariagroup Industrie Ceramiche S.p.A is proud to be a main partner of the Landscape Festival - Masters of the Landscape, which will be taking place in Bergamo from 8 to 25 September 2022.  

Through an installation in the heart of Bergamo and a seminar dedicated to designers and architects, the group and its brands, including Lea Ceramamiche, will describe its own approach to the ongoing study and development of sustainable innovation, capable of inserting itself, harmoniously and with an ever-reduced environmental impact, within the architectural landscape.

To best present its ultra-thin ceramic slabs, a versatile and durable material and the expression of a technology that has revolutionised the production process to create a highly sustainable solution, and on the occasion of an event as prestigious as the Landscape Festival, an installation that can be viewed in the portico of the Angelo Mai Municipal Library in Piazza Vecchia has been mounted. The project is inspired by organic architecture, in which human action blends seamlessly with the surrounding environment: a tunnel, with well-defined and vibrant shapes, invites visitors to explore the very essence of ceramic material, with one primary objective: sustainability. Gigantic vases with Tillandsia plants, made of porcelain stoneware, represent sustainable architecture and buildings. Furthermore, the area will also be a place to stop and enjoy an environment designed to protect mankind and safeguard the planet.

The message that the group promotes is, therefore, very clear: the kind of material we choose for the construction of residential spaces or other architectural structures has a significant impact on the environment and, more in general, on the city’s appearance. Ceramic has always accompanied human evolution and, today, thanks to technological advancement in the production process, is one of the most sustainable materials available to designers. Moreover, thanks to its natural composition it allows for easier disposal, after a durable life cycle that can reach up to 50 years.

This theme will also be explored during the conference "Towards gentle architecture" on 20 September - from 6 to 8 pm - at the Sala dei Giuristi. The event’s guest architects will have the opportunity to talk about a “gentle” concept of architecture, which respects the environment and the people who live in it. Afterwards, experts and opinion leaders will share their own thoughts to discuss the extent to which, in this relationship, materials, as well as the work of companies which are constantly improving their processes and products, play a fundamental role.

The festival is, therefore, the perfect occasion to talk about the next, fundamental steps in this ongoing and certified journey towards sustainable development, in which Panariagroup and Lea Ceramiche are a unicum in the Italian ceramic industry.

Panariagroup’s installation is waiting for you from 8 to 25 September 2022, in Piazza Vecchia, Bergamo.