Milano Water Design

Antonio Citterio e Patricia Viel

The area of the Corte Ducale del Castello Sforzesco is dedicated to the theme of water as a source of well-being and will host the “Clear Sweet Fresh Water” installation, a project designed by Antonio Citterio and Patricia Viel, which includes companies such as Ethimo, Flos, Forme D’acqua and Reggiani Illuminazione, as well as Lea Ceramiche.

A body of water that alludes to immeasurable depths and conjures images of the sixteenth century courtyard. The spray of water turns the surrounding area to mist. The contrast between the gleaming reflection on the still surface of the water and the blurred backdrop gives a dreamy feeling, almost as if being half asleep. Under the colonnade, the surreal fresco floats in the twilight.

Ultra-thin Slimtech tiles from Lea Ceramiche are used to cover the large central basin. The 3.5mm thick laminated porcelain tiles, with sizes up to 3 m X 1 m, are cut to cover the entire surface. Slimtech is one of the most innovative products in the ceramics sector to date. It is suitable for countless applications and is extremely customizable. It is not only excellent for floor and wall covering; Slimtech can also be applied to furniture, doors, kitchen tops and bathroom tops. In external areas, it ensures hygiene, resistance to chlorine, chemical agents, temperature changes, sunlight and aging. These qualities make it the most appropriate solution for lining swimming pools, as well as for cladding buildings with ventilated walls and external thermal insulation systems.

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Shipping and logistics are still operational.

Italy, as well as many other countries around the world, is engaged in an aggressive battle against the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

In order to keep the number of infections to a minimum, the Italian government has declared the temporary and limited closure of many manufacturing industries.

Nevertheless, certain activities related to the supervision of continuous production plants, such as the ones used in ceramic tile manufacturing, together with the preparation and shipping of stock materials have been permitted.

Therefore our warehouses and shipment departments remain fully operational, in full respect of the recent regulations imposed by the relevant authorities. Our staff will therefore continue to prepare and load merchandise, observing all of the necessary health and safety precautions.

Thanks to the remote working technologies that have already been implemented, all other sales supporting activities as well as your commercial and administrative contacts remain available, as always, to handle your requests.

We therefore wish to inform you that even during this manufacturing standstill, it is still possible to place orders, consult stock availability, request information, and pick up goods from our warehouses.