Diego Grandi
Photo Cretits: Alessandro Nassiri

A story about the materiality of architecture

Mockup is the new installation designed by Diego Grandi or the showcase in the Lea Ceramiche showroom in Via Durini, Milan. Investigating the theme of the project, the space is transformed into a real mock-up, a physical reproduction of an architectural project, through which the designer can evaluate the actual rendering of the spaces and of all the elements that combine to create it.

In a continuous dialogue with the world of architecture and interiors, Lea’s ceramic surfaces define the identity of the space, characterizing its personality in a precise and distinctive way.

Whether they are designed for floor or wall surfaces, the Nextone e Delight collections, which made their debut at the last edition of Cersaie, are presented in the Via Durini showroom according to the designer’s interpretation and distinctive style. Winding along the volumes, the collections subdivide the perimeter of the space in the form of suspended slabs alternating with overlapping ceramic layers, highlighting formats, thicknesses, textures and decorations.

Highlighted projects

"Since 2003 I have created five collections for Lea Ceramiche, which have marked several key moments in a process of interpreting the material, a process that has been constant over time."