Fabio Novembre
Zoom by Fabio Novembre

Rendering extreme details in a refined randomness.

With Zoom, the designer Fabio Novembre and Lea Ceramiche have chosen to further embrace the theme of concrete and its patterns, enriching and expanding the decorative sign of the Concreto collection.

The showroom, which features a truly metaphysical layout, is scattered with small abstract obelisks that stand out against the collection’s backdrops. There is a discontinuous effect between the clear colour division of the vertical walls and the floor formed by the new Zoom Mix decors, which is inspired by classic marble-chip tiles, presenting a contemporary reinterpretation of their patterns.

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“We started working together with Lea Ceramiche many years ago and this has brought about a relationship of mutual respect and esteem. It was inevitable that it would have led to something more… Concreto.”