Centro Polispecialistico Armonia

Porto Mantovano (IT)

Centro Polispecialistico Armonia is an outstanding privately run healthcare facility that offers highly specialized diagnostic services and cutting-edge technology. Strongly rooted in the local area, it is located in Porto Mantovano in the province of Mantua and features an interior with a modern and innovative design, providing patients maximum comfort and hospitality throughout their treatment.
Its mission is to offer a tailored, high-quality professional service with very short waiting times and affordable fees for everyone.

With its products, Lea Ceramiche has further raised the performance level of the entire facility. Four different collections were chosen for the interior spaces, from the reception area to the bar and some of the outpatient clinics. Slimtech Re-evolution and Slimtech Gouache.10 which respectively feature a texture that recalls the resin effect and pastel colours reminiscent of Nordic style, are both the thinnest available ceramic slabs with a thickness of just 3.5 mm.

The other two collections used for the indoor spaces are Dreaming, characterized by marble-effect porcelain stoneware slabs that combine technical resistance and aesthetic appeal, and Metropolis, which restyles the rough look of concrete and features a surprising texture, evoking the beauty of an ancient material that is now softer and more inviting. Metropolis was also used for the facility’s terrace in the delicate Tokyo White shade. Both collections fully comply with hygiene and safety requirements, which are essential in a healthcare facility; they are both part of the PROTECT®line, high-performance floor and wall tiles featuring an antibacterial silver ion shield incorporated into the tiles, which eliminates up to 99.9% of bacteria. Moreover, porcelain stoneware surfaces are, especially in a healthcare context, a perfect material, since they are extremely resistant to wear and tear and to the most aggressive chemical detergents.