Equipe Hotel

Patrick Norguet

For the 2014 edition of Equipe’Hotel, the Parisian exhibition dedicated to all the new trends in the field of hospitality and catering, Lea Ceramiche will be presenting its latest collections in a new area designed by Patrick Norguet.

The area simulates a hotel room before and after renovation work. The purpose is to show visitors the advantages of the Slimtech series and how it makes renovation so easy. These ultra slim slabs of laminated stoneware (only 5.5 mm thick and available in many sizes) can be installed on any existing surface, without having to remove this beforehand. In this manner you can save time and money. Furthermore, ease-of-installation, practicality and a 10-year guarantee make Slimtech the ideal material for renovating, both in terms of contract and of residential projects.

In Norguet’s project, Type 32, the collection designed by Diego Grandi, is installed on worn and damaged parquet. The 2-metre slabs are characterised by a pattern, which has been created by superimposing two layers of decoration thanks to use of extremely modern digital printing techniques. The pattern recalls the traditional French herringbone floors. Imposing square shapes (1 m x 1 m), in the Timeless Marble version, complete the floor and add a more classical touch. In this case, digital printing recalls a marble texture. The variety of patterns is particularly striking on these large modules to achieve a very natural effect. Slimtech, in the statuary white colour, covers the walls: on one side 3 m x 1 m slabs with the glossy and bright Lev finish; on the other side, the slab features particular cuts, and also covers the bathroom furniture and shelf. This is a clear example of the versatility of the collection, which allows for maximum customisation of any kind of project.

Highlighted projects
“What is really interesting, being an architect, is the creation of a new material that will offer a wide range of applications in the architectural world. Lea Ceramiche is a brand that is open to innovation, and for me it characterizes the strength of Italy, the desire… to play.”