Headquarters SK Group

RAD Ltd.
Photo Credits: Yunan Hemu Culture Media Corporation

The Pudong area east of the Huangpu River is home to the SK Group Tower, Shanghai’s tenth tallest building, which imperiously towers 275 metres high in the financial and commercial district located a short distance from the Shanghai World Expo Center, whose futuristic pavilions attract many visitors, and Pudong International Airport, one of China’s main airports.

The tower, which is entirely dedicated to offices, clearly stands out among the surrounding low-rise buildings, becoming a new landmark in the urban skyline and lending the area a new identity.

Hong Kong-based design studio RAD, which was responsible for the project, selected Timeless Marble Slimtech collection to cover corridors spread over 59 floors. In the Statuario White version, the imposing 3m x 1m slabs define surfaces with their contemporary aesthetic. The light vein patterns on the snow-white base tiles create a bright, airy atmosphere in the building’s passageways, connecting areas that are usually overlooked, but here are transformed into passages with their own distinctive character.

This sophisticated aesthetic is combined with the principles of durability and functionality of ceramic material – non-absorbent and resistant to stains, wear, etc.; it also perfectly pairs with eco-sustainable trends – manufacturing processes that respect the environment, limiting the consumption of water, energy and raw materials. Finally, to guarantee maximum hygiene, Lea Ceramiche’s Timeless Marble slabs feature Protect®, the antibacterial protection that prevents the proliferation of bacteria on the surface 24 hours a day, even in the absence of light.