250-260 Gold Street

Brooklyn, NY
Photo Credits: Heidi Solander

Honourable Mention for the 250-260 Gold Street project created with porcelain stoneware tiles by Lea Ceramiche.

Located in downtown Brooklyn, this large multi-family residential building expresses luxury design through a range of elegant materials and diverse spatial experiences. During Coverings 2022, the project was awarded at the 2022 Ceramics of Italy Tile Competition in the Multifamily Residential Category, a competition that awards the best architectural achievements in North America using Italian ceramic tiles divided into five categories: Multifamily Residential, Single-Family Residential, Commercial, Institutional and Student.

The designers at StudioSC, who oversaw this prestigious project, gave the entire residential complex a consistent look. In particular, slate-effect tiles from Lea Ceramiche’s Waterfall collection were used for the hallway, business centre and basement. Waterfall is the porcelain stoneware collection that realistically and physically reinterprets slate, a rugged, ancient stone, recreating iridescent effects on the surface that are typical of sedimentary stone. Waterfall features textures, irregularities and colour variations, faithful signs of the passing of time. The grey base colours recall the natural oxidation process of stone, a constantly transforming material that changes colour, form and structure, adapting to the evolution of natural phenomena. With its natural effect, Waterfall lends lends spaces a sophisticated, harmonious character.

For the spa area, planks with a warm wood effect were used in the large, full-length 30x180 cm format from the Bio Select collection, based on the idea of recreating on the surface of the ceramic material the traces and warmth of wooden floors with a natural, elegant look. The collection is inspired by oak and walnut wood, among the most highly prized in nature, giving spaces a natural elegance and luxury appeal thanks to the high-quality, sustainable materials. High technical and aesthetic performance are combined with the material’s exceptional anti-bacterial, hygienic and protective action thanks to Protect® technology which, featuring a silver ion-based shield integrated in the tiles, eliminates up to 99.9% of the bacteria. This guarantees high performance and makes floors healthy, safe and protected. Essential features for the new requirements dictated by the times, where living in the home is flexible but, above all, peaceful.

The designers appreciated the durability, performance, variety and elegance of the Italian brand’s collections, which can enhance environments in a unique, original way, contributing to a warm, harmonious design.