Beautysaur Organics

Hong Kong
Studio Bean Buro
Photo Credits: Bean Buro

The design of the flagship store of Beautysaur Organics, a skin care and beauty brand, features carefully selected materials. The store is located in Hong Kong’s Tsim Sha Tsui district and was designed by the Bean Buro studio. After its online success, the brand’s aim was to recreate a distinctive physical space to attract a wider range of customers. It is based on careful research that is reflected in the choice of materials, the eclectic arrangement of furniture elements, and the combination and perfect balance of architectural forms with soft and welcoming materials and colours. Significant colour transitions define the different work areas and, together with the precise sequence of furniture designs, lend character to the project.  

Metropolis by Lea Ceramiche was chosen for the floor covering, concrete-effect porcelain stoneware in the subtle Tokyo White shade. The milk white of the floor emphasizes, by contrast, the colour of the pink furniture and the presence of a green-coloured table with an organic design. The minimalist style of the concrete and the use of soft and uniform colours for the walls provide a feeling of harmony and comfort. The wood used for the furniture alternates with the white of the ceramic with an extremely natural texture; uniform colours that are only interrupted by a few custom-made display elements and their sinuous and curvilinear shapes.

Metropolis by Lea Ceramiche is not only distinguished by its aesthetic and performance qualities, but also by Protect® antibacterial protection. Featuring a silver base, incorporated into the tiles during the production process, it makes the collection particularly suitable for wellness and personal care areas. Protect® technology, by constantly acting 24 hours a day and blocking the metabolism of bacteria that come into contact with the surface, ensures that the tile is always protected and safe, and, consequently, that the environment is always clean, welcoming and habitable.