Litex Headquarters

Guangdong, Cina
Design Studio RCHA | Designer Zhu Boyang 朱柏仰

 Photo Credits: Shanghai Juner Culture Media Co., Ltd. 

Litex Surface recently inaugurated its Headquarters in the city of Guandong. The project was overseen by designer Zhu Boyang of the RCHA studio. Inspired by the concept Architectural Structure X Space Context, he developed for the building an aesthetic connection between the interior and exterior space through the element of the arch. In addition, Made in Italy excellence was chosen for the design project through the use Slimtech Pigmenti of the Lea Ceramiche.

Slimtech Pigmenti, the collection by designer Ferruccio Laviani, covers the exterior of the building. The design studio chose the versatility and resistance of the ultra-thin Slimtech Plus maxi-slabs, only 3.5 mm thick in the 3x1m size, selecting some of the twelve shades that, combined together, give the façade a highly dynamic effect. Pigmenti is a tribute to the most authentic ceramics, a sophisticated manifestation of materiality, colour and technology of the highest level, capable of offering a new perspective in sustainable architectural design. They are, in fact, 100% Carbon Neutral slabs: after having reduced the consumption of raw materials, energy, water as well as CO2 emissions and transport pollution as much as possible during the production phase, thanks to the THINk ZERO project, the residual CO2emissions, calculated over the entire life cycle of the product, have been completely offset.